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List of aircraft in MSFS2024

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The announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS2024) has sparked immense anticipation among aviation enthusiasts. With the promise of a more sophisticated and immersive flight simulation experience, developers are hard at work bringing a diverse lineup of aircraft to the virtual skies. While specific details are still emerging, several aircraft have been confirmed or seen in the MSFS2024 trailer. Let’s explore the known aircraft, including those observed in the exciting trailer footage:

  1. Canadair CL-415: This specialized firefighting aircraft, also known as the “Superscooper,” was prominently featured in the MSFS2024 trailer. Its impressive aerial maneuvers and firefighting capabilities add a unique dimension to the simulator.
  2. Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil: The AS350 Écureuil, a popular single-engine helicopter widely used in various roles, including tourism and aerial work, made a striking appearance in the trailer. Its versatility and agility make it an exciting addition to the MSFS2024 aircraft lineup.

  3. Cessna 208B Grand Caravan: The Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, a well-known utility aircraft, was showcased in the trailer, hinting at its inclusion in MSFS2024. Its robust design and ability to operate in rugged environments make it a favorite among bush pilots.

  4. Cessna 188 AgWagon: This agricultural aircraft, primarily used for crop dusting and spraying, was spotted in the trailer. Its unique design and specialized role bring an interesting aspect to the aircraft selection in MSFS2024.

  5. Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane: The powerful Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, renowned for its heavy-lift capabilities, was featured in the trailer, showcasing its ability to transport large payloads. Its inclusion adds an exciting dimension to the simulator’s helicopter fleet.

  6. Airbus A330-743L BelugaXL: The distinctive Airbus A330-743L BelugaXL, an oversized cargo aircraft used for transporting large components between Airbus manufacturing sites, was glimpsed in the trailer. Its appearance hints at the possibility of operating this unique aircraft in MSFS2024.

  7. Airbus A400M: The versatile Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, known for its robust capabilities and ability to operate from short and unprepared runways, was showcased in the trailer. Its inclusion suggests the potential for military operations in the new simulator.

  8. Diamond DA62 (including the DA62 Vanguard MPP Surveillance Version): The sleek and modern Diamond DA62, a twin-engine light aircraft, was spotted in the trailer, highlighting its advanced avionics and luxurious cabin. Additionally, the Vanguard MPP Surveillance Version adds a unique surveillance aircraft option to the mix.

  9. Extra EA-300: The aerobatic Extra EA-300, designed for thrilling aerobatic performances, made an appearance in the trailer. Its agility and precision make it an exciting choice for aerobatics enthusiasts in MSFS2024.

  10. Jetson One EVTOL: The futuristic Jetson One electric vertical takeoff and landing (EVTOL) aircraft made a brief but impactful appearance in the trailer, showcasing the potential for advanced aircraft technologies in MSFS2024.

  11. A-10 Thunderbolt II: The iconic A-10 Thunderbolt II, commonly known as the “Warthog,” was glimpsed in the trailer, showcasing its combat capabilities and rugged design. Its inclusion hints at the possibility of military combat scenarios in the simulator.

  12. Cirrus Vision SF50: The sleek and modern Cirrus Vision SF50, a single-engine very light jet, was featured in the trailer, highlighting its cutting-edge design and advanced avionics. The inclusion of the Cirrus Vision SF50 adds a sophisticated and efficient jet option to the aircraft lineup in MSFS2024.


Aircraft by third-party developers: