Microsoft and Asobo Announce Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

In a surprising announcement, Asobo Studio and Microsoft have revealed the unexpected release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, the highly anticipated sequel to MSFS2020. This brand-new flight simulator aims to revolutionize the genre by harnessing the latest technologies in simulation, cloud computing, machine learning, graphics, and gaming. With a focus on delivering the most sophisticated, immersive, and awe-inspiring flight experience ever created, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to exceed all expectations.

Powered by the significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 embraces groundbreaking advancements to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy. The initial screenshots and trailer showcase noticeable differences from its predecessor, MSFS2020. Particularly striking is the crystal-clear ground texture, evident in the first glimpses of the simulator. The stone formations, grass, and landscapes appear even more realistic than before, especially when observed at low altitudes.

High resolution ground textures in MSFS2024

The unexpected release has taken many by surprise, generating excitement within the flight simulation community. The community eagerly awaits additional information, as Microsoft and Asobo Studio promise to share more details about the next generation of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise in the coming months.

Addressing the feedback received after the initial trailer release, the companies apologize for the delayed communication and express their enthusiasm for the project. They also take the opportunity to address some of the most common questions raised by the community.

One of the primary concerns pertains to whether Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will be a standalone sequel or a paid update for existing players. Microsoft and Asobo Studio confirm that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is a standalone simulator and the highly anticipated next-generation sequel to the 2020 release. Additionally, the current aircraft, airports, and most Marketplace add-ons available in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) will be fully supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

In terms of support for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) players after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Microsoft and Asobo Studio assure the community that they will continue delivering updates as outlined in the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Roadmap. These updates encompass a wide range of content, including aircraft and avionics enhancements, sim updates, city and world improvements, and the upcoming free Dune DLC. The commitment to supporting Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) remains steadfast even after the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Furthermore, the companies confirm that the vast majority of add-ons purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) will seamlessly function in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Users will not need to repurchase these add-ons, ensuring a smooth transition to the new simulator.

As anticipation builds for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, aviation enthusiasts can prepare for an unparalleled virtual flying experience. The simulator’s remarkable advancements in technology and realism are set to transport pilots to new heights of immersion and authenticity. Stay tuned for further updates as Asobo Studio and Microsoft continue to shape the future of flight simulation.