PMDG about addon compatibility msfs2024

PMDG about forward compatibility after Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announcement

In light of Microsoft’s recent announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS 2024), PMDG has provided an update regarding their development agenda and product plans. The statement aims to address concerns and provide reassurance to the flight simulation community about the compatibility of PMDG products with the upcoming MSFS 2024 release.

PMDG emphasizes that the publicly available information about MSFS 2024 does not indicate any need for changes in their development agenda, product plans, pricing strategy, or release schedule. As an independent developer, PMDG does not receive advanced information from Microsoft and is currently evaluating the information released to the public. While the details provided by Microsoft lack technical specifics, PMDG’s guidance at this time is based on the overall message of “business as usual” conveyed by Microsoft.

Forward Compatibility and Customer Investment

PMDG reaffirms its commitment to ensuring forward compatibility of its products with MSFS 2024. The company believes that this approach benefits both Microsoft and PMDG by safeguarding customer investments in the hobby of flight simulation. PMDG’s early conversations with Microsoft after the initial unveiling of MSFS in 2019 gave them the impression that Microsoft supports the growth of the developer community and values customer satisfaction.

PMDG lays out Continued Development Plans

PMDG outlines that, based on the information currently available, there are no changes to their development plans for various aircraft in MSFS. The following is a summary of their agenda:

  1. PMDG 737 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced.
  2. PMDG 777 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced.
  3. PMDG DC-6 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced.
  4. PMDG’s development agenda after 777 release: No changes in development plans.
  5. PMDG’s continued improvements to existing products, including the pending tablet update: No changes in development plans.

Technical Details and Future Updates

PMDG acknowledges that there will be questions regarding specific technical aspects, such as installation on multiple platforms, but they are unable to provide answers at this time due to a lack of sufficient knowledge about Microsoft’s intended approach. Once PMDG gains more information and hands-on experience with MSFS 2024, they will work out the necessary details.

PMDG’s statement assures flight simulation enthusiasts that they are closely monitoring the developments surrounding MSFS 2024 and will keep customers informed as Microsoft publishes more detailed information. The commitment to forward compatibility and continued development of their products showcases PMDG’s dedication to providing a seamless experience for virtual pilots. As the flight simulation community eagerly awaits further updates, the focus remains on the shared passion for virtual aviation and the anticipation of the remarkable possibilities that MSFS 2024 will bring.