BlueAeroSim Announces Boeing 777X Development for MSFS2024 in exclusive interview!

In an exclusive interview with, BlueAeroSim’s founder, Steve Farfan, revealed exciting details about the ongoing development of the Boeing 777X for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS2024). The project is currently in an advanced stage, with the team focusing on system integration and finalizing the exterior 3D model. While a specific release date remains uncertain, BlueAeroSim is committed to pushing the boundaries of flight simulation with a range of unique features.

The development team at BlueAeroSim is initially concentrating on the B777-8X variant, but the B777-9X is also on their roadmap. The project is shrouded in anticipation, and over the coming months, more details will be unveiled. BlueAeroSim aims to set a high standard in flight simulation, intending to enhance the flight experience with innovative features that will captivate aviation enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the BlueAeroSim Boeing 777X is the fully functional Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), complete with Navigraph integration, live weather updates, airport charts, and comprehensive flight information. Moreover, the aircraft will feature a fully operational ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) system. While these features have become standard in many payware addons, BlueAeroSim plans to distinguish itself with several unique elements:

  1. Fully Functional Ground Support: Players will have the ability to control ground support equipment, including pushback trucks, refuel trucks, passenger buses, aircraft maintenance technicians to address technical issues, de-icing trucks, and more. This level of detail adds realism to the simulator experience.
  2. Realistic Flight Crew: BlueAeroSim is incorporating a lifelike flight crew, providing an option to trigger real-life in-flight emergencies, such as medical incidents and unruly passengers. This feature adds an extra layer of authenticity to the simulation.
  3. Exterior Panels for Maintenance: The Boeing 777X will have panels on the exterior of the aircraft that can be opened for maintenance, allowing players to perform in-depth aircraft inspections and repairs.
  4. Hoppie ACARS Integration: The inclusion of Hoppie ACARS integration offers enhanced communication and data exchange capabilities, further enhancing the realism of the simulator.

One notable feature that aviation enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting is the implementation of foldable wings, and BlueAeroSim assures that the Boeing 777X will indeed feature this functionality.

Furthermore, the Boeing 777X by BlueAeroSim is not just limited to PC gamers. It will be available for Xbox players from the launch of MSFS2024, opening up the world of aviation simulation to a broader audience. The aircraft will also be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

As BlueAeroSim continues to make progress on this exciting project, the aviation community eagerly awaits its release, which promises to set new standards in flight simulation. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to experience the next level of aviation realism with the BlueAeroSim Boeing 777X in MSFS2024. The full interview including more images will be published this friday 10:00 (Z)